First Time with Angela

yoga photography outside reverse plank2008 was the year I started thinking of myself as a yoga photographer. Still, it was hard thing to accept and really go after. I had only done one shoot of an instructor in the spring and I was working up to another. A favorite teacher at that time at the CorePower Yoga studio in Boulder was Angela Coyle. I don’t remember how I brought it up with her, but at some point in July I screwed up my courage and asked her. (Of course) I got an enthusiastic Yes.

We arranged to meet at the Red Rocks on the west end of Pearl Street. I was nervous packing a gear bag hoping to appear like I knew what I was doing. I had picked the place and time (late afternoon) because of light on the Red Rocks. As the time approached I remember being bummed out because it was grey and cloudy. She showed up with a huge bag of clothes and makeup, saying “I’ve done this sort of thing before.” Gulp, she’s going to see right through me! Her talk of photo rights and model releases didn’t help. Shit – I’m out of my league and with shitty light.

yoga photography reverse plankBut hey, breathe, be present and just go. So she did the makeup and hair thing, ducked behind a rock and did basic color yoga clothes and we got to it. Even back then, once I started shooting I got to that place that works for me. I wasn’t really feeling good with the light or the poses we were getting but we kept working.

yoga photography warrior 2 outsideThen she said “I have an idea; I’ve brought some other clothes.” She wanted to take some images inspired by some shots she had seen of Shannon Gannon. (“Who?” I said to myself…). Again behind the rock, and then – Holy S**t! She’s wearing a Hot skin-tight club dress and clear plastic heels that can only be described as Stripper Shoes. If you know Angela, you know how she can look dressed like that. I was knocked over (“My wife is going to KILL me…”). But we got going and shot and damn if I didn’t get one of my favorite shots of all time. It’s the last one in this post. And it started a whole theme that I’ve done over the past 3 years of the contrast of yoga and wild evening wear. And guess who’s done a bunch of those shoots with me? Angela, who has become one of my most regular models. Love ya kiddo.

yoga photography tadasana mountain pose

The Favorite Image

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