Urban Yoga in High Heels—Really.

This post first appeared as a story in elephant journal.

I remember when the first high heels showed up in my shoots. And there is a story there that I’ll post in the future. I find it wonderfully amazing how many evolved, spiritual, strong and committed yoginis are secret (and not so secret) shoe whores. Pardon the French. Combine that with my love of shooting yoga in places that have a strong contrast to the typical yogic themes (think concrete, urban, city, dirt) and, well, this is what you get.

To see a gallery of more images from this series, click here.

One thought on “Urban Yoga in High Heels—Really.

  1. Hi Jim,
    I’m yoga teacher in LA and I just found your site from the Elephant Journal.
    I’m a hack photographer my self and I just wanted say how much I enjoy your work, that I’m inspired by it, and I’ll probably steal some of your ideas pursuing my own photographic path. If you’re ever in LA…..

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