The Pure Essence of a Yogi

This story first appeared in elephant journal.
yoga art samasthiti

Matt Kapinus is a teacher in Boulder Colorado. I’ve taken his classes for years, and he was one of the very first instructors I photographed almost 4 years ago. He’s a wonderful teacher, and has a devoted set of students at the studios he teaches at: CorePower Yoga (Boulder and Broomfield) and The YogaPod. Magic sometimes (mostly?) happens by accident. We had been joshing around for awhile about getting him nekkid, since I’ve been doing more nudes lately, and then one day we just scheduled it.

yoga art eagle legs handstand


We’ve worked together quite a number of times, so it was straightforward and quick – he warmed up while my assistant and I set up a single light. It’s a setup that I’ve only used once before, so it’s still a bit experimental, but it’s simple and stark. I know his practice well, and the poses he likes and looks good in, so it was pretty much bang, bang, bang. We shot less than 45 minutes, and I only came home with 1/5th the number of raw exposures I normally would.

yoga art dancers



And it was magic. Just like yoga.




yoga art tree poseEnjoy the full set of images in this Gallery by clicking here.


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