Corona Arch, Moab Utah

I have a love affair going with the Corona Arch. It’s 10 miles outside of Moab, Utah. Moab is famous for it’s rock scenery, with the Arches National Park just north of town, and the vast Canyonlands to the south. I’ve photographed around Moab twice now, and I could go back 50 more times and find fresh and wonderful places every time.

Courtney finding it under Corora Arch

But this arch is special to me. It’s not in the Arches National Park, an amazing place that the Park Service says has over 2000 arches. It’s off by itself, 10 miles west on the Potash road, hidden up a canyon but only a short 45 minute hike from the parking lot.

I found the arch in May of 2010. I had just finished 8 weeks of Vinyassa Yoga Teacher Training. It’s a time that’s intense and bonding with the others you train with. Eric had the idea to celebrate with a trip to Moab, and his energy made it happen. It was a wonderful trip, friends around the campfire, dawn practice overlooking the Cayonlands, laughter and celebration. On Saturday we went looking for a hike. I had printed out a selection from some web page and on a whim we picked the Corona Arch trail, knowing nothing about it. It’s a nice hike across gravel and slickrock up into a canyon. You really don’t know what is waiting for you until you hike up to the mouth of the canyon and pass around a buttress. Then – OMG.

First view of Corona Arch

We were not expecting anything this magnificent. It’s as dramatic and grand as anything in the Arches park, and you can just stroll up to it. One part of it’s attaction is the really cool slickrock traverse that you spend 10 minutes on to get to the stone.

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