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  3. Beautiful – I began to use the word “incredible” but consider that Mr. Gabrielli is practicing yoga here. His form is perfect for his practice. It is thrilling to the heart that this man chose yoga as well as psychotherapy to get back on his feet. He took control of his circumstances, diluting control of his circumstances over him. Thank-you for the wonderful images – I and so many others appreciate your “spiritual” photography (that is, you connect with your subject, not just “shoot” them). Namaste!

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  5. Guido has becomen a spiritual sparring partner of mine as We lived both in Milan and be part of a small yoga community.
    I loved Guido Gabrielli’ video doc (noi non siamo come James Bond, with Mario Balsamo) and I discovered your website reading the leaflet inside the dvd box.
    Watching your photo gallery, Reading about Leukemia, I discovered inbetween, a few messages I would like to share with you such as “life and emotion come before a picture or a motion”, “pratice yoga is better than selfish activities but shoting people while praticing yoga is yoga”, and “whenever we have low energy on our mat, at any time we carry on a mental, physical or spiritual disturb just then putting more counsciousness we start to heal yourself”.
    Thanks to the photograph and to the photographed for showing the way to emotion, to sensation and intuition from another prospective.
    I wish to meet you when you will be back in Italy.

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