6 thoughts on “Gallery 1

  1. The photo are amazing !!!! i read about you at yogajournal in italy
    i am a yoga teacher too i work with children and baby !
    Your photo are really great

      • Hi ! !Yes i am in Italy!! I’ll be in Rome too in June for the YogaFestival so maybe we will met there !.I really like to do a photo session with you i always want do take picture of my work with children and babies!

  2. Jim-

    Your work is incredible! I’ve seen it over the years as you’ve shot a couple of my girlfriends but I just looked through your portfolio…such a magnificent eye! I think my favorite-by a very marginal window of victory-is the dad in crow with his baby under him…there is so much joy and love in the little baby’s face and you can see dad smiling with eyes of love towards his little guy. What a beautiful moment captured!
    Stay inspired and enjoy.

    Peace and love,

    • Thank you Sarah! I do have to say that it’s not a father and son. The mom was in the studio at the same time at Matt, and this shot just happened. It’s an all time favorite of mine too!

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