Preparing for your Private Portrait Session

First of all, relax. This is just yoga photography.

This is yoga. There is no wrong way to do this, there is no way that your yoga “isn’t good enough”. If you can breathe and feel, we’re going to get great images.


Since we’re capturing your spirit and appearance, you should feel good and creative about what you wear.  For women, long pants, either in a solid or simple pattern. A yoga top or sports bra, again solid or simple pattern. Great to have your torso exposed if you’re comfortable with that. Jewelry is great, and in fact big earrings, malas, bracelets and necklaces look good.  You’re welcome to bring as many articles as you want and change during the session. In general, if you’re at all into clothes, bring a lot.

Bring your mat.

For men, wear long or calf length pants, a solid color is best. Either no shirt if you’re comfortable, or a sleeveless top. Wristbands and pendants are great.

If you have tattoos, you might think about what clothes show them off the best. For instance if you have upper back ink, you could do a halter top, or for lower back, pick a pant with a waistband that shows them. Men, if you have them on your legs, bring some shorts.

One of the  fun parts of a portrait session can be “playing dress up”. Be open and creative about bringing outfits. It could be your old prom dress, or a Halloween costume, or a wild hat, gloves and a boa. I’ve photographed knee-high boots, high heels, club dresses and angel wings.

But also, be prepared that we won’t get to everything. We’ll find an ebb and flow to the session, and we’ll get to the things that work best.

Hair and makeup

I generally prefer to shoot people with their hair down. It shows flow and movement when you’re posing. But don’t stress about it; it’s about what makes you feel good. Makeup can be light or exotic, depending on what you’re feeling. If you’re into such things, stick on bindis, wild eyelashes or any other decorations are wonderful. There is a makeup table and mirror in the studio.

How the session will go

First, I’ll do a final light test with you on your mat. Then we’ll start by getting grounded through a simple gathering and breathing exercise. After that, I’ll cue you through a Sun A and B flow. This will get you warm, generate some classic shots, and help us build the relationship for the rest of the session. You’ll be working hard and get sweaty. After that, we get more free form. We’ll capture favorite poses, or you can change outfits, and we’ll work on a collaboration. It helps if you can come in with some ideas in mind—you might look through the images on this website or elsewhere on the web to get inspired. It’s great if you come with a list of poses, or printouts of images you like. Once we’ve been through the arc of the session, I’ll offer you a surrender series ending in Savasana while I take down my gear.

After the session



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  1. Hi. I willbe visiting Boulder between Nov 5th and 12th. I am flying in to participate in Aircat Aerial Yoga Teacher Training and I know you will be doing our shots on the last day. I was hoping to also book a private session with you in addition to the aerial pictures. I am opening a yoga studio on Cape Cod (Massachusetts) and I would love to have photographs for my website and for the studio. Please let me know if you are available on any of the dates I mentioned. What is your fee and what does it include? I thank you in advance and I am looking forward to meeting you during my trip to Colorado.
    Maggie Moore

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