Private Portrait Parties

Private Portrait Parties are available for a group of friends. They can be held in my studio or any place of your choosing. I’ve done these for groups of teachers at a studio, or a group of girlfriends and they generate wonderful energy and great images. There is a minimum group size of 8.


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3 thoughts on “Private Portrait Parties

  1. Hi Jim,
    Could you please send me rates for doing a private yoga party for my group of instructors? I actually live a few blocks from your studio, so would be keen on doing it there if you’re okay hosting us and allowing me to bring drinks and snacks for our crew. We could also host at either Broomfield CPY location, but the lighting isn’t great I think. I’m not sure how many would attend, but we have about 30 teachers, so maybe 15 would attend….but not sure. Let me know what you think!


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